New Zealand Legal Limits

When you move to a new country it is important to know your legal obligations and requirements of your new home. Following are the legal age limits for a number of common activities in New Zealand:
    • Buying alcohol 18 years
    • Buying cigarettes 18 years
    • Getting a restricted driving licence 16 years
    • Getting a full driving licence 17 years
    • Getting married with parent’s permission 16 years
    • Getting married without parents' permission 20 years
    • Sex 16 years
    • Starting school (earliest age) 5 years
    • Starting school (latest age) 6 yearsLeaving school (earliest age) 16 years
    • Entitlement to free education ends 19 years
    • Becoming an adult (in law) 20 years
    • Opening a cheque account / borrowing money 18 years
    • Leaving a child alone in your house 14 years
    • Child must be restrained in a car seat when driving up to 5 years