There is this magical place where the friendly earthy smell brings joy and the birds are chirping away, singing a melodic song. The long arms stretched over the top gives shade from the forever deadly heat that sticks and stings like quicksand. The trees are full of fresh, green leaves. Trees have made us who we are and they are part of our precious yet limited nature which grows naturally all over the world. They produce a variety of essential needs for us and other living things which we use daily. Trees are interesting because of the way they give us what we want, they are built in a very unique way. Also, they have had such a huge impact on us and many other living organisms so trees are very important for Earth.
     Trees are wonderful because of the range of things they give us. The sweet juices that explode in our mouth makes us crave for more. The crunch of apples breaking in out mouths are perfect for the hot, summer days. Apples, oranges, feijoas and many other fruits that trees produce give us our bright, energetic spirit because of the variety of vitamins in them. Trees also produce something that is so important for living animals and us humans. Unlike us, instead of changing oxygen t carbon dioxide, the do the exact opposite. They create oxygen for us so that we can keep living to reach our goals and dreams. We need oxygen to breathe and trees are one of the few things that gives us oxygen. They produce things that are unlike and other object.
     How are trees built and how do they give us what we want? The way they work is very interesting. There are some trees that lose leaves during winter. They are called deciduous trees and they lose leaves because the tree needs to conserve energy and prevent damage to the tree. Evergreens are trees that keep their leaves in winter. They have green leaves all year round because they have been adapted to be able to live in any environment. Trees are made of four main parts. The roots, trunk, branches and leaves. Trees use photosynthesis when they change carbon dioxide into oxygen. This is when the sunlight shines on the tree and the carbon from the carbon dioxide combines with water by the energy from sunlight. This turns into a carbohydrate which is a sugar. The sugar is for the tree to consume and when the tree makes the sugar, there is oxygen from the water and it gets released in the air that gives us the oxygen to breathe. This whole process happens in the leaves. For fruit to grow on a tree, there has to be flowers that from on them. This flower has to be fertilized with pollen from another flower for fruit to grow. This is normally down by bees because they travel from flower to flower collecting and depositing nectar. After the fertilization, seeds start growing and may last many moths before a mature fruit is produced. Trees are fascinating in how they make our necessities.
     Trees have had such a huge impact on living things. They have excited since we have and even longer. They have provided us with so many things and without them, we would probably be nonexistent now. Trees are the home for millions of furry little creatures like sloths, monkeys, koalas and many more. These animals are very dependent on trees because they provide them with safety and they give them food and drink. Creatures like these could not be living without theire valuable trees. We keep killing trees but all it is going to do to affect us is endanger species and we would be living in this unnatural and unhealthy environment. Trees have affected us enormously.
     On the whole, trees have been providing us with a mixture of important things. They have made us to be bright, healthy people. Trees are special in how they are able to give us what we require, they are built in a unique way. Unfortunately they are killed every year but we need trees because they have made us who we are today. Therefore, trees play a large part to nature.