Kimchi Jiggae by Regina Baek

Kimchi Jiggae
The red hot soup, rising up to the surface making bubble that pop and sizzle. This is a spicy but delicious meal, Kimchi Jiggae is Kimchi Stew. Kimchi Jiggae is yummy, has tasty ingredients and has fascinating histories.
Kimchi Jiggae is yummy because of the spice. The spiciness makes the whole dish colorful and delicious. Also the Kimchi is a fascinating taste when you dip it in the stew, it makes it 3x spicier!
The ingredient are very simple but tasty. You need Kimchi sesame oil water and meat or vegetables you want to put in. People normally put in pork belly because it suits the spiciness.
Kimchi was known to be eaten as pickled vegetables, but when Chili peppers were first introduced to Korea, we made Kimchi Jiggae.

Some people hate Kimchi Jiggae but most Asians love Kimchi Jiggae because of its spiciness.

by Regina Baek