The beautiful piece of art sits perfectly on the gleaming white plate. Its indulging smell wafers faintly around your nose making you want to snatch it and gobble it. The small clump of golden coloured sugar oozes in your mouth, making you tingle and crave for more. Fudge is the most luscious sweet because of the scrumptious ingredients in it, how it’s so easy and simple to make and its marvellous history.

     The most simple and tasty ingredients creates something wonderful. Fudge is made of sugar. That strong taste of sweetness which dissolves into pure happiness. Sugar makes everything  taste better… but with a little bit of vanilla essence, it’s like you’re in heaven. Vanilla essence is also a strong ingredient in fudge. A little droplet of it can fill the whole room with its beautiful magic. Even though sugar and vanilla essence are delicious ingredients, they don’t taste very nice by themselves so we need a base to hold the two grand pieces. Milk, cocoa and butter and the pieces that holds everything together. It’s the bit that makes fudge, fudge. These five ingredients make a delicious sweet.

     Fudge is an easy and efficient food to make. It is suitable for a snack or for special occasions. All you need to do is take sugar, vanilla essence and cocoa, whizz them together and then there you have nice fudge. It takes five minutes to make but then you’ve got to cool it. The cooling takes a while unfortunately, though after the long wait, you’ll be glad you made it. This is a simple way to make something delicious.

     The history behind fudge is amazing. It all started off in America when someone wanted to make caramel but something went wrong so it ended up as fudge. Fudge was first sold in a grocery store in 1886 for forty cents. A lady called Emelyn Battersby Hartridge then asked for the recipe and made thirty pounds of it. This recipe then became very popular at her school. The word spread to other women’s colleges and to their delight, it had a divine taste, so then later on the schools each developed their own recipe for fudge. This is how fudge got developed and well known. it has a very interesting history.

     As a result, you can see how fudge is an appetising treat to have. There is a variety of ingredients in it and it’s easy to make. The history of fudge is really interesting and you wonder how all these coincident happen that ends up as something wonderful.