Pippi's Animal Training Center By Regina and Alazhay

Our first group comes  and were nervous as hell.
Were thinking to our self "are they going to laugh or not ".

We had 4 characters and one narrator:
Venus: Hop the bunny 
Alazhay: Lucky the puppy
Hailey: Pippi the trainer
Regina: Twilight the kitten
Natalie: The narrator 

The three animals tried learning to
 roll over, shake hands and walk through the hoop.
 If we wouldn't listen she would give us a chocolate fish. 
at the end of the lesson we had a victory dance (Gangnam Style)

We did it at the Junior Playground and Alazhay the puppy 
 chased Regina the kitten after the end of the lesson.

We acted funny e.g \
"scary lady"said Venus the bunny ,
Alazhay the puppy was being dum 
and the kitten scratched Pippi 

By Regina and Alazhay