By Samuel Mang

Everybody moans as we walk up a steep hill with cow poo covering some of the track. Lush green pastures and brown dry grass fill the right side and sand dunes line the coast where waves crash relentlessly against it to the shores. I had to wash the soles of my shoes with a mysterious disinfectant called 'Trigen 'to cleanse them of a Kauri killing disease that is vicious and overpowering against the giant kauri trees. The ranger notifies the group about the wonderful sights and sounds that can be heard if one listens carefully enough and is observant enough.

I saw a tui and a wonderful and other colorful birds. As soon as I started looking up and listening, I had to go back onto that accursed path with that detestable cow poo. Everyone was walking back, looking and searching for other birds to see. The group ahead of me found a beautifully colored and I decided to look at it. It was mainly yellow, had some green, white, black and a small orange beak.