My Camp Experience

I whimper under my breath, as the man holds up a dead, frozen, possum. He reaches into the large, cloth sack, each time he pulls out another dead creature, so far we've seen: a possum, a ferret, a weasel, a rabbit, a stoat, a rat, and a hedgehog. A dreadful stench drifts across the room as I quietly whisper to Kate
 " I hope he doesn't show us a dead cat...."
Then, the man stands up and strides towards the sack. He rummages through the bag and brings out a....... DEAD CAT. I only catch a glimpse of the poor, furry creature before I manage to duck my head and ignore the man. The mans voice drifts over my head, like clouds in the blue sky. I grit my teeth and slowly breath in....and out..... I don't look at the cat again.

By Ally Langenkamp, age 11