Pie Charts

Last week we created surveys and collected data about any question we liked.
You can review your questions and data again by looking at our edmodo maths page.

A great way to display the data you collect is by using a pie chart.

This pie chart shows the results of a survey that was carried out to find out how students travel to school.

a) What is the most common method of travel?
b) What fraction of the students travel to school by car?
c) If 6 students travel by car, how many people took part in the survey?

Write 3 more statements that you can tell are true by looking at this pie chart.

Now you can use your own data to create a pie chart.  If you didn't finish your questions then ask a buddy if you can use their data,

Take a screenshot of your finished pie chart
Write 3 more statements that you can tell are true.
Publish your pie chart and statements to edmodo.