Explanation Writing - Giving Specific Reasons

As we have already seen, the purpose of an explanation is to share how or why something happens or happened, or to explain how to do something.

Today we will look at writing specific reasons why something happens.

First, lets define the difference between the words, 'Specific' and its antonym, 'Vague'.

Activity 1
1) Pick an activity that you like to do, it can be anything from eating ice-creams to going night-snorkelling.
2) Think of a vague reason why you like this activity.  Vague reasons are usually simple, like - because they taste good.  Or, because it's fun.
3) Now think of a specific reason.  This will show more thought and clarity and come from a cause.  Like, 
When I am feeling hot in the middle of summer, an ice-cream will help to cool me down.  Or, 
there are many sea creatures that I love to watch that only come out at night.
4) Add your specific and vague reasons to the Padlet below.  Your entry should begin with your name.

Activity 2

1) Extend your specific reason into a short paragraph.  It should contain at least 3 sentences and expand on the first sentence, perhaps by giving an example.

There are many sea creatures that I love to watch that only come out at night. The Conga Eel is a nocturnal hunter and is nearly impossible to spot during the day.  However, when night snorkelling, they can be seen easily, slithering through the water as it hunts for a meal.

2) Think of at least 2 more specific reasons why you like to do the activity of your choice.  For each reason, write a 3 (or more) sentence paragraph to expand on your reason.

3) Submit your work through Edmodo.  You can complete this for homework if you run out of time in the lesson.

Next time:
We will discuss and construct a suitable introduction and conclusion for your explanation writing.