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This term in Social Studies we will be looking at water, the choices society makes regarding water, the reasons for these choices and the impacts these choices can make.

We will begin by looking at dams.

Dams have three main purposes, to act as reservoirs (storage and purification of water), to create power (hydroelectric) and to act as a flood barrier if heavy rainfall causes sudden surges of water.

In Auckland, 'Watercare' manage a number of dams and reservoirs in the Waitakere and Hunua Ranges. 

Click here to find out more about them.  If you want to see what they look like, copy and paste the name of a reservoir into youtube or google images.

Find out:
1) The biggest dam/ reservoir in Auckland (in terms of lake capacity)
2) The smallest dam/ reservoir in Auckland (in terms of capacity)
3) The newest dam in Auckland
4) The oldest dam in Auckland

So, dams are good things...right?
Take a look at this
Why do you think they are so please to release all the water they have worked so hard to store up?

Take a look at this picture

Energy Options             Water Supply              Sedimentation            Recreation              
Flooded Habitats, culture and homes                 Greenhouse Gas Emissions 
Displaced People            Hydropower for electricity           Maintenance or Decommissioning
Loss of livelihood from fisheries              Food from irrigation
Salinity, waterlogging                Riverbank erosion                 Loss of downstream aquifers
Environmental flow requirements         

There are lots of labels on this picture that give you an idea for some of the benefits and drawbacks of building a dam.
In your social studies book, categorise these labels into 'Benefits', 'Drawbacks' 'Neither', 'Both'.  You should use a Venn diagram to do this.  You will need to discuss some of the terms and/ or research the meaning of some of these words in order to complete the activity.

Now,find out the names and locations of some of the largest and most famous dams by clicking here.  

As a homework activity, watch these videos about a dam that was built in Wales in the 1950s...
What happened at Capel Celyn in Wales?
Capel Celyn Documentary

Answer this question: Do you think the British Government did the right thing or the wrong thing when they built the dam near Capel Celyn. Explain your reasons.

Find a youtube video (a documentary would be preferable) on any dam in the world and watch it.
Write down 5 facts or points that you have found out about your chosen dam.
You can submit this through Edmodo.