Website Design

Today we will look at creating websites using the very same software that we use for the school website!
Visit this page and log in with the details you have been given.

The purpose of this is to create a site that shares information about something of your choosing.  You are trying to persuade people to do something.  For example, it could be...

  • Promotion of (or real) band that you are a member of (including short samples of songs you have written?)
  • Promotion of a movie that is being released (Include a movie trailer)
  • Promotion of a videogame that is due for release (maybe create one in a site like kodu)
  • Promotion for your Political Party - Why should we vote for you!  (You could include a party political broadcast!)
  • Promotion of a book you have written (including samples and extracts)
  • Promotion of a tourist information website for a place (real or made up)
Or Anything else that you can think of!

You must design a site that meets the following criteria...

1) It is easy to navigate - people get bored and 'Click Away' if they don't understand where to find things.  A good rule is that all information should be easily discoverable within 3 clicks of the mouse.

2) It contains relevant information that is suitably presented.  Think about who your audience is, use language and videos that will appeal to them.  

3) It persuades the audience in some way.  Does it use persuasive language?  Does it have a purpose - i.e. Persuading you to buy something/ visit a place.

4) Uses a range of media.  Video, text, pictures, audio and embedding.

5) Contains the 'X-Factor' - Class will vote on just how fabulous it is!

You can work in groups of up to 4 but everyone in the group needs to know what their job is.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you 'Coat Tail' today you will be made to work alone!!!!

Here are our websites

  1. Daniel 
  2. Luke and Brian
  3. Melania and Brittany
  4. Shambhavi
  5. Tony
  6. Tane
  7. Candy, Innes, Victoria
  8. Jacky and Tom
  9. Luke K, Ben, Ben and Bradley
  10. Fawad, Cato and Denash
  11. Toby and Ambrus
  12. Shrusti and Bianca
  13. Amn, Bridget, Ana
  14. Jade, Angus
  15. JB