Preparing For Wellington

Today we have been given our Wellington booklets.  We will place them in the bags that we made in tech and carry them with us to all our activities and venues.  They contain important information like our timetable, maps and the names of our parent helpers and bunkmates as well as activity sheets to fill in at every venue.

In preparation for our trip we are going to discuss 'Etiquette'.  Etiquette means, 'expected behaviour'.  Many rules are the same, no matter what we are doing or where we are but some places have special rules and expected behaviours.

Open up windows 365 and 'Shared with me'  then open up the 'Etiquette' OneNote document.  Or

Use this link to be taken directly to it.

For each page, write down the etiquette you think is appropriate.

You are ambassadors for Parnell School.  
When people see you they see the whole school.
Make us proud!