Stella's Speech

My speech was on the "Real World". I chose this topic because it's quite a common qoute or idioum to say something along the lines of "you wouldn't survive a day in the real world." or "wait 'til you see THE REAL WORLD". So that got me thinking. What is the real world? The real world is portrayed to be a bad thing so I took some 'issues' that take place in the so called 'real world'. It is implied when using the quote "you wouldn't last in the real world" that the real world is something bad. So the things I foucussed on were negative.

I think that my delivery was alright. I'm not really sure how to judge that though. No one seemed bored and they seemed interested. It was kind of an unusual speech topic, and also the way it was written was different I guess. All in all I am quite happy with my speech.