Regina's Speech

Music is and Important Part of Life
BA DUM…. Two simple notes and you’ve got a villain. We all know whats coming, well I hope you do. This is a perfect example that shows music can have a very big impact. Just imagine having no music in the world, its like having no colour. Imagine watching a movie with only dialogue. Without music the world would be plain. So I would like to explain to you all that music can be used to express yourself. It can also be therapeutic and music can also connect people.
Just think about your favourite song, scene from a movie, or even a part from  musical. Its memorable and its special because it was able to make you feel happy, scared, excited or even teary! This happens because when you listen to a type of music you set an image in your head and it takes you to another place. Music helps to express who you are and show emotions that you cannot say in words. For example, to tell someone just how much you adore them, OR just how much you hate them.
Its amazing. Music can also be healing. At the Starship Hospital they turn on music while the patient is sleeping or resting. They turn it on to relax their minds or to help them think positively, and when you think positively you can fell better and stronger. Research has shown that music can affect parts of the brain. It can bring positive emotions and give a “I can do it” attitude. Music therapy also helps people who had a stroke to recover faster. Music can also be used for meditation. It helps them go on a journey and have a reflection.
Lastly, music connects people everywhere no matter what race or colour you are. Music is something everyone has in common, It is like a universal language we all share. For example, because of Elvis, Eminem and so on, they helped bring the races together. Different races were listening to the same music. Another example would be how Gangnam Style got so famous and spread K-pop around the world.
So now you know how music is valuable to life. It can be used to express yourself, it can be healing and it can also bring people together. Without music is like being in a room with no windows or doors.
Lady Gaga taught us its okay to be different, Bruno Mars taught us how to love, Eminem taught us that life is hard but you can make it through, Michael Jackson taught us to always love the people around us and most importantly Rebecca Black taught us the days of the weeks.