Money is Not the Most Important Thing

What is money?
My speech was on the importance of money. I believe it's not the important thing. Money cannot buy your family, friends or happiness so you should treasure these things... not money. Money is only something that we've put a valuable price to even though it's merely a piece of paper with a picture of a famous head printed on. It has caused a lot of trouble for us so we end up stealing because we don't have money, or we don't have enough to please ourselves. I think we have treated money more than what it's worth and we've grown to depend our lives on some small rectangular pieces of paper.

I think I didn't do my best at presenting my speech. I ended up saying it 30 seconds faster than what I timed it at home so I must've spoken really quickly. I didn't seem to engage the audience because I didn't use many hand gestures and my voice wasn't very interesting. Overall, it was ok but I'm just glad it's over and done with.

Here we come production!!

Athena Qian