Iron Hearted Violet - By Portia Glosop

 Their world ends with a story. This one.

My book report was on 'Iron Hearted Violet' by Kelly Barnhill,
The main characters were;

Violet, A tomboyish princess with different sized eyes and a lopsided face,
but what she doesn't have in beauty, she makes up for in compassion and understanding beyond her years.

Demetrius, A young farmer's son who has a special gift when dealing with animals,
which allows him to read their current thoughts and feelings, and in so, convey his own.

Cassian, The castle's beloved storyteller, but none more than the young princess, whom,
as a result of this influence, has become a great storyteller, herself.
Cassian is also the narrator of 'Iron Hearted Violet' giving the reader some insight as to what he thought
about some of the more serious and moral-defining moments.

The Story --

Princess Violet is plain, reckless, and quite possibly, too clever for her own good.
(Especially when it comes to story stories!)
However, one day, she and her good friend, Demetrius stumble upon a hidden room,
and a most peculiar book. A forbidden book. It tells of an evil being,
Called the Nybbas, imprisoned in their mirrored world.
But...the story can't be true...not really...Right?
However, when whispers from cursed lips start, Violet and Demetrius, along with an ancient, scarred dragon,
hold the key to the Nybbas' triumph. Or it's demise.
It all depends how they tell the  story, after all,
Stories make their own rules.

Overall review--

Overall, 'Iron Hearted Violet'  is a great bed-time, bus-ride, or spare-moment read,
with parts they'll leave you dangling off the edge, but then yank you back in,
with just a page, paragraph, or even just one well-worded sentence!
So, you basically just HAVE to read it. NOW. RIGHT NOW. I'm, serious.