Five paragraph essay - Steak

Five Paragraph Essay

LO: Write an essay about your favourite food.

SC: Structure 5 paragraphs include PEEEP, transitions.




    Bright orange flames engulf the blackened grill, singeing the tin-foil. The delicious smell of cooking meat wafts into your nose, making your tongue water…

    Steak is the supreme food in the world, due to some key qualities. The diverse range of steaks available, the variety of different cooking methods, and the assorted sides and sauces that comes with it.

    In addition to your traditional beef steak, there are many more varieties. For example; a chunky salmon steak, wrapped in hot, crispy pastry, with a pinch of salt and pepper. Or a great lump of pork steak, not too dry, cooked absolutely to perfection, with crunchy crackling that just melts in your mouth. Oh yes, there is much more to steak then just a chunk of beef.

    However, it is not just the type of steak that makes it supreme, it is also the method used to cook it. Most of us just cook it, quick and fast on the stove top, then rest it in tin foil for a couple of minutes. But those steaks you get in restaurants? They cook it long and slow. Although, that is not the only way to cook steak. The best method of cooking is over an open fire, then wrapping the slab of meat in tin foil, the flames infuse the steak with a smokey, charred, delicious flavour.

    Above all though, it is the sides and sauces that come with steak. Gravy, the fatty, tasty, delicious sauce that soaks through your steak filling it with the delicious taste, complimenting the steak perfectly. Another sauce is the liquid that seeps out of the steak when you rest it. It is full of the yummy, aromatic taste of the steak, but stronger, saltier, better. Last but not least is potatoes. The crispy, crunchy vegetable that makes the perfect companion to steak. The sides’ sauces are what make a perfect steak.

    On the whole, it is very easy to see why steak is the superior food in the world. Millions of people around the globe continue to cherish it, so the next time you sit down to your salmon, pork or beef steak, cooked on the fire next to those crunchy, crispy roast potatoes, think about this supreme food and remember how lucky you are.


By Stella Nightingale