Bacon by Alexander Van Der Laan

Who doesn’t like bacon? Who doesn’t like the divine aroma of crispy bacon  which gives you a good reason to get out of bed in a cold winters morning. It's savoury salty taste tingles the taste buds oozing flavour into your mouth. Bacon is widely used in New Zealand cooking, bacon is made and preserved by curing and smoking meat. They are many different cuts of bacon that you can get in New Zealand and different foods that have bacon flavouring.
Bacon is a food that has been eaten in New Zealand since the Europeans arrived. Many favourite meals include bacon inside them like the bacon lettuce and tomato sandwhch (B.L.T) bacon and eggs bacon and egg pies eggs benedict. It's hard to imagine New Zealand without these great bacon classics.Bacon flavouring is used widely in New Zealand food such as bacon chips crackers snacks and bacon stock.
Bacon is made curing and smoking the pigs sides and belly there are 5 main types of bacon available  in New Zealand middle, Middle Eye, Dry Cured Middle, Shoulder and Streaky. Middle taken from a whole loin including the belly. Middle Eye taken from the loin with the skin taken off. Dry Cured Middle is like middle except it is cured by means other then injecting brine.Shoulder bacon is self expainatory. Streaky bacon is taken from the tail end of the loin or belly this bacon becomes crispy when grilled.
Bacon is preserved by curing the meat they can cure bacon by injecting it with brine or soaking it with brine or using salt (dry curing) many people prefer dry curing then using brine a salty solution of water. Because dry cured bacon tastes nicer then brine injected or soaked or so I've heard.Bacon flavored toothpaste? gross well it does exist as well as bacon flavored chewing gum and mints who knew you could take the flavor of a salty meat and turn it into a breath mint?

In conclusion bacon is a delicious food that has been in New Zealand for generations.It has a great salty savoury taste. New Zealand has many great classic meals that have bacon in them.New Zealand has five different types do bacon that is available in the market.Many industries have used the flavor of bacon and used it in odd formulas like toothpaste.Because of all these reasons bacon is well known  and delicious.