WOMAD by Tane

My mum and I drove down to New Plymouth in my Grandmas camper van, it took us 5 hours to get to New Plymouth.
We went to the town centre and found a skate park, the skate park was OK for hard core skate rockers but it wasn’t good for kids like me.
It was getting dark so we said it was time to go to our friends house were we were going to stay, we arrived and said hello to Mark, Ana, Russell, Sarah, Karin, Jack, Charley and Sal.
We all went to WOMAD and sat down next to pole on the far left from the stage. We laid all our blankets down on the ground and sat down to relax and watched awesome bands; one band was from India and we all laughed because it was pretty funny to watch with other people and kids. One other band was from Italy they were loud and annoying. The parents were listening to the other bands we were playing on the hill side that had dirt on it and we slid down the hill with 20 kids or more.
All together we had an awesome time there and the long hard hot car drive turned out fun for me and I would like to see you there next time.