Polyfest by Z. King

Walking into the Polyfest I heard a lot of cool shaz; their were old instruments being played from certain
religions, the breeze of fun loving air filled the environment.    After looking at some interesting stuff we split up into groups while walking past the Samoan stage we decided to sit down and watch as their leader in white and red did strange movements chhuur bro! The other people on stage copied him we watched  for about 15 minutes before we left. We started to get hungry I ate a big fat sausage sizzle and a drink we sat on a nice quiet field to ate our our kai.Then MrJ  came to us to take us to the Maori stage boi!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was pretty cray cray! There were a bunch of imitating dances I really enjoyed this stage because one minute it was scary nek minit it was calm. As the day continued we saw fascinating and cool dances and tried yummy food i think the Polyfest was a great experience I learned a lot of new things  

by Zach King