Night Snorkiling With Fergus.

Camp Experience.

It was nine PM and we were digging our toes into the warm under layers of the grainy sand. Were were all in our blue wetsuits with our fins and masks sitting beside us.

Me, Mike, and Ryan were put with the instructor called Max, we were the third group in the water. We walked backwards into the water because of our fins, then we rinsed our masks and put them on.

At first the water was cold but i eventually warmed up. The first fish i saw was a little Leather Jacket. The Leather Jacket was gently hovering above the white sand until i swam down and scared it away. Once we reached Goat Island, Max said that we had to turn back and on the way we would see some crayfish. On the way i saw two snappers. They were just beside a stray rock with a thin layer of seaweed on it.

Once we reached Max's prime crayfish spot he shined the torch under the underwater ledge and signaled for me to go down. There it was a huge big red healthy looking crayfish waving its antenna at me. We moved down the ledge an saw many other crayfish then all of a sudden it ended. There was the beach. Max told us to swim to the beach and we did, through all of the slimy seaweed. Once i stood up all of the warm water drained out of my blue smurf-like wetsuit.