Sam Gyup Sal

BY Ryan, John and Giovanni
Sam Gyup Sal is the South Korean pork belly or bacon.

These are the steps for eating Sam Gyup Sal:

1 Walk in to a Sam Gyup Sal restaurant (you have to live in south korea)

2 Sit in the ground

3 Get comfortable

4 Wait for the waitress to get the snacks

5 Put the Sam Gyup Sal on the grill (is on the middle of the table)

6 Eat the snacks until the Sam Gyup Sal is done

7 Put onions,mushrooms and garlic

8 When the Sam Gyup Sal is done get a lettuce leaf then use chopsticks to get the Sam Gyup Sal off the grill

9 Before you put the Sam Gyup Sal to the leaf deep the Sam Gyup Sal in to sesame oil and dwenjal

10 Put whatever else looks good and put it on your mouth and chew it

11 Pay to the waitress what you ate and go home