My advice to year 7's....

My advice to you is...

  • make sure to take notes in your classes or you will most probably fail your exams.
  • to do different types of extra curriculum activities so that you can get service/sports points.
  • don't get into trouble consistently or you will be despised by the teachers.
  • make sure to try out for different sports and activities through the year because Intermediate is all about trying new things.
  • set some goals to achieve during Intermediate; that will help a lot with high school.
  • make sure you follow rules but once in a while have fun and enjoy yourself.
  • that teachers put lots of trust towards you in Intermediate so don't break it or you will have a borinmg time having to follow lots of rules.
  • make sure to be yourself and try make new friendships with everyone around the Intermediate.
  • to talk up and make sure your voice is heard whilst having group discussions or when organizing an event.
  • even though 2 years sounds like a long time make sure you cherish every minute because it flies by and next minute your having to leave and won't see most of your friends again. 
by Jasmine Naddi