The Kermadecs trash to fachion

Last week on Wednesday we went to the National Library and presented our trash to fashion garments for the Kermadec exhibition. Jayda is my partner and our garment is on John Reynolds who is an artist.  We learnt about the Kermadecs for science and the theme for trash to fashion is the Kermadecs.The Kermadecs is from White Island to Tonga and is a long line of islands and underground volcanoes. We have only explored 3% of the Kermadecs so anything could be out there. John Reynolds was at the exhibition and we got nervous but it worked out well. At the end I went up and invited him to come to our school trash to fashion show and he said that he'll come. It was an amazing opportunity to meet the students that went to the Kermadecs and the food was great!! :)