At Rotorua

last weekend I went to Rotorua with Lei, Mr.J, Mrs.J, Simon and me.
It takes long times to go to Rotorua. At Rotorua we stay in hotel.
first day we went to hotel and some playground nearby hotel.
second day we went to ruge and some boiling mud and water.
At boiling water and water there was some boiling water and it was over 200 degrees!!!!
and boiling mud was good at skin. I put some muds on my fingers and my fingers become soft!!!
It was amazing. so I bought some mud pack and some mud cream for gift.
At ruge it was extremely fun!!!!!
I ride and we can drive it!
At third day I go fishing.
Lei, Simon and me catch fish.
My fish was biggest!!
Lei's one was 530gram, Simon's one is 750gram, and my one was 1.230gram!
over 1kg!!!!
It was so fun at rotorua.
I suggest that you should go to rotorua too.
by Hayden